Thursday, March 08, 2007

orange love

blessed to live in Orange Country (not county), CA, our household has been taking advantage of the harvest this season. we are members of Full Belly Farm CSA ( ), and have been making sweet juicy orange love for weeks now. i think the oranges they deliver come from Blue Heron, and they are the most flavorful oranges i've ever set tastebud to. from tiny tangerines to big, plump navels ~ they are delicious, and don't last long in the kitchen! Sealion uses them for smoothies, i put them in sauces and dressings, and we all eat plenty straight out of the peel.
although the juice is excellent in hot soups and sauces, i try to add it at the end, or else use it cold, b/c that way you get the maximum benefit of the vitamin C.
here's a recipe for a salad dressing that we've been enjoying, that incorporates oranges, green onion, and olive oil, all from our local area (i hate to brag; we're so blessed!).

~ Orange-Green Onion Dressing ~

the juice of one large juicy orange, or two small ones
one stalk of green onion (green garlic is good, too!), minced
two tablespoons (or more) extra virgin olive oil (we use Bariani)
1/4 tsp (or more) red pepper flakes
sea salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste

a delicious addition: one ripe avocado, cubed, and mashed (or blended/processed) into the mix.

Whisk all ingredients and serve on fresh clean lettuce. The flavors of the dressing meld and ripen if you can bare not to eat it all immediately. :)

(tonight i will use orange juice for: Moosewood Cookbook's Brazilian Black Bean soup recipe. yum! )