Monday, March 06, 2006

Ta Daaaah!!

realized the other day just how much i really love food.
"if you love it, why don't you marry it!!?"
well, i can't, or, at least, won't. but i can write about.
i want to share this passion with you.
in a blog that's dedicated all by itself just to food.


ecogyrl said...

you sure know how to hide yer good news!!

Hannah said...

Hi, Tiffanie!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about your chef school. Ah, I would love to go to such a thing. I've been cooking up a storm over here in Hawaii. I've finally got the money, time, and someone to cook for. And now, lots of new cooking gadgets. I've been keeping up with your blogs and enjoying them greatly. Especially about the cats! We couldn't bring my cats, so my mom has them. :( Keep in touch! I miss you a lot!