Wednesday, January 17, 2007

flax crackers

for our "raw foods" class at Bauman College, we made these with a dehydrator, but i don't own a dehydrator.
in _The_Revolution_Will_Not_Be_Microwaved, Sandor Ellix Katz's new book (the one he was promoting the night i got to meet him), i read that he makes flax crackers by simply using the pilot light in a gas oven, or leaving the light on in an electric oven.
so simple and so tasty!
mix equal parts flax seeds and water ~ my batch is 1 cup-to-1 cup. you can add all kinds of flavorings; the first batch i kept it simple by substituting just a fourth-cup tamari for part of the water.
in a few hours, the flax seeds and water will form a gel-ly goo ~ the special germination magic of flax seeds, and they're ready to spread.
lightly grease a cookie sheet, and spread the flax goo on evenly, and as thinly as possible (or perhaps 2-flax-deep), making sure to avoid holes as much as possible. using your hands is fun. keep a bowl of water nearby so that you can wet your hands as you go.
slide the cookie sheet into the oven, with pilot light, or lightbulb.
in the next day, you will be able to pull the sheet of cracker off the cookiesheet and turn it over. you'll be able to tell when it's time; you don't have to force it.
in another day or so, the cracker will be ready to eat!

this second batch i added tamari, brown miso paste, a dash of cayenne, and dulse flakes.
the sheet of it is a gorgeous warm speckly brown.

be advised to chew well and drink water with these yummies. tasty and so good for you!

photos: spreading the goo,
in the oven,
ready for eating!

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