Monday, July 28, 2008


Frank Jones said...

Hello Tiffanie,

I was just looking at some links on the Wild Fermentation site and I noticed the Food-A-File link with your name on it. I thought . . . Is that the Tiffanie that I know? Yes, you are! Hope all is well out in California. I'll check back at your blog later to see what you're up to.

Take care.

Frank Jones
Lexington, Kentucky

Paula&Ron said...

Hi Tiffanie! I love your Blogs. Frank sent them to me. Remember Ron and Paula King from Lexinton.
We're retired now living in Summerville, SC. Hope you are well - you look great! And expecting!! Wow! I will keep your blogs on my favorites. Would love to hear from you Love, Paula

Paula&Ron said...

Hey Tiffanie! I loved your blog. Frank sent it to me, Remember us- Ron and Paula King from Lexington. We're retired and living in Summerville, SC now. Hope you are well. We'd love to hear from you. Love, Paula

Tiffanie said...

I feel so blessed to hear from you all!! What a super-dooper surprise. :-D
You have made my summer.