Thursday, October 16, 2008

French Toast du Jour

I woke up feeling the need to pamper myself this morning. Before I even got out of bed (true to foodie form), I was envisioning and tasting French Toast. Here's what I came up with, a Pampering Breakfast for One (well ~ two, technically. ;-) ).
  • 1 1/2 slices of bread ~ I used mixed grain sourdough from Morell, b/c that's what was in the pantry; I think something with dried fruit might be nice. .
  • one egg (make sure it's organic, if not raised on pasture by someone you trust)
  • a spoonful (or so) of cream (I used divine Claravale raw cream) or crème fraîche ~ if you are avoiding dairy, or don't have access to organic, I think whole fat coconut milk would make a fine substitute.
  • a spoonful of organic maple syrup
  • a dash of sea salt
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • almonds chopped finely (see my explanation about soaking nuts here)
  • organic cream, or crème fraîche, and maple syrup for drizzling
  • extra cinnamon for sprinkling
Whisk the egg with the 5 ingredients that follow in a shallow mixing bowl. Cut the bread into diagonal quarters, and soak in the egg mixture, turning to soak both sides, while you're warming your skillet. Use a thick skillet (you know I love cast iron) to hold the heat, add butter (don't be afraid ~ add a few tablespoons! and ~ if dairy-free, use coconut oil) and heat until a little drop of egg mixture sizzles as it hits. But don't let the butter brown. When the bread is adequately saturated, fry those babies in the butter. Spoon the little pieces of almond that stay in the mixing bowl onto the top of the pieces of bread as they sizzle in the butter. Turn when the pieces are nicely browned. If the skillet is the right temperature, it will only take a few minutes on each side.
Serve drizzled with cream or crème fraîche (you read right. don't be afraid [as long as it's organic]; just pretend you're French.), and maple syrup. Garnish with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

One egg soaks about 1 1/2 standard slices of dense bread. If making this for more than one person, use this as a gauge. My measurements are always approximate and of-the-moment; you can do the same, giving or taking as you taste fit.


Janelle Lucido said...

I love how you write recipes, so like me...inspired by the moment and whats most beautiful/what needs eating.

I often think about croutons or bread pudding or tomato sauce or bread crumbs as a thrifty way of cooking. All of these items are traditional in different cultures but they flow so obviously out of a desire to make good of whatever's around and needs using.
I think this is the most inspired way of cooking. Recently I thought about how its so great to be able to ferment whatever's in the bottom drawer goin bad! Obviously thrift is on my mind these days. Love your blog.

Kimberly Edwards said...

Mmmm...This sounds marvelous! I love that you used sourdough!

My newest French toast creation was Egg Nog French Toast...Yum!

Fabulous food blog!!! Kudos!

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I look forward to your entry:

Kimberly Edwards :)

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