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letter in opposition to AB 1735

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which is from a website about "nutrient tools to alleviate depression." i don't advocate graffiti, but i appreciate this particular artist's re-interpretation of some dirty propaganda.

here is the latest letter i wrote to our legislators. my first one was all about the facts of coliform, beneficial bacteria, and pasteurization. this one is personal. because this bill affects me personally.

Please help to overturn or alter AB 1735. While Senator Ron Paul is realizing the untapped enterprise that could be had from shipping raw milk out of state by introducing HR 4077, other legislators have made it close to impossible for California citizens to obtain raw milk legally after January, because of AB 1735. How can these two be going on at the same time?

Have you ever tasted good, wholesome milk? Raw milk is what helped make our ancestors, the founders of this revolutionary country, strong and sturdy and able-minded to get the work of Democracy done. Raw milk is what helped sustain generation after generation of healthy Europeans, North Asians, Africans, Indians, and Native Americans, to have strong bones, straight beautiful teeth, and many fit, allergy-free, happy and well-adjusted children. It is not raw milk from clean sun-loving, grass-eating cows that we should be afraid of, but instead, the fecal farms where thousands of sickly cows live and die in the same confined space, knee-deep in their own feces.

My father and his 4 siblings were raised on a farm where they drank milk straight from the cow every day. They all have solid frames and beautiful, straight teeth ~ my grandfather still passionately walking the fields at age 92.

One of the main reasons I have been so content being a citizen of California is because I can walk up the street and buy gallons of delicious, fresh raw milk from Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley. I can't drink pasteurized milk; it causes me diarrhea, bloating and acne. I drink up to a quart of Claravale Farm's raw milk a day, and just completed a marathon this past summer. I attribute much of my stamina and joint health to raw milk. My husband and children need health-giving raw milk.

Please help us continue to be able to obtain raw milk legally. I encourage you to try some raw milk in the coming month and know what good, wholesome life-giving milk really tastes like. Try some before it's too late ~ you are the one who can do something about it.

Tiffanie Pope

how this affects you ~
even if you don't live in California, what happens with California's laws on raw milk *will* set a precedent in other states. this bill has been snuck under the table by Big Dairy ~ who doesn't want you to know that your milk comes from cows who are sick, covered in their own poo, and never allowed to see the sunlight, or taste a bite of fresh clover. this is the large majority of our milk supply in America. it's wrong on so many levels and it's not health-supportive. they don't want you to know that. and "USDA Organic" isn't necessarily better. please! find out where your milk comes from. seek out local, caring producers of wholesome milk. and find it raw, if you can.
Big Ag is not interested in wholesome food that supports healthy, happy children and our fellow inhabitants of the planet. they would rather leave us consumers in the dark, keep growing and manufacturing "food" in filth and toxic chemicals, and either pasteurize, irradiate, or fumigate all foods to make them "safe" for consumption. this food is not life-giving food. it has *serious* ramifications on our already-compromised health and well-being. this is being done without our consent, and under the radar ~ such as the fact that *no* raw almonds can be legally sold now, except directly from the farmer.
food isn't simply something to toss in our mouths to keep us going, to satisfy a craving, or stuff an emotion. food is what our bodies *are made of*. it's what our brains, our minds, our emotions, our hormones, our hearts, our lungs, our digestive organs, our bones, our skin are all created from and function on. we evolved as animals to eat life-giving foods. we cannot replace these with synthesized, irradiated, genetically-modified, factory-extruded, petrol-fertilized, pseudo-foods for much longer. each generation of children suffers more. they deserve better. and so does the rest of the planet.

to learn more about the life-giving benefits of Real Milk, and to find out how to get it where you live, visit:

to contact CA legislators about AB 1735:

Contact Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

By email:

By mail:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

Contact Nicole Parra, Chair of the Agriculture Committee in the Assembly

Her website:

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0030
(916) 319 - 2030
(916) 319 - 2130 Fax

Bakersfield Office
601 24th St., Suite A
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 334 - 3745
(661) 334 - 3796 Fax

Hanford Office
321 N. Douty St., Suite B
Hanford, CA 93230
(559) 585 - 7170
(559) 585 - 7175 Fax

Contact the members of the Agriculture Committee in the California Assembly (where the bill originated)

Contact the Agriculture Committee in the California Senate

Contact your own representatives

Find your California legislators. Look up your representative by zip code and send them a note about this legislation.

for sample letters, go to

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