Sunday, November 04, 2007

soul-warming cocoa

in celebration of raw milk ~

1-2 Tbs fair-trade cocoa
a dash of sea salt
cayenne to taste
coconut milk
raw milk

in a saucepan (or adorable tiny cast-iron skillet) on low heat, mix the cocoa, sea salt, cinnamon, and cayenne with water, making a thick paste. add a few Tbs coconut milk, and top with raw milk. add more water to create the thickness (and richness) that suits you. stir everything over medium-low heat, testing with your finger often. you want it to be warm, but not so hot you can't keep your finger in there. this will ensure you get all the goodness of the raw milk. pour into your favorite warmed cozy mug and greet the cooling weather with a dreamy smile.

1 comment:

ecogyrl said...

hey sweet cheeks!
as a non-chef sort of person, could you expand a bit on approximately how much of the other ingredients should be added.
miss you!