Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Dear Austin -
The sun never showed his head today and it was chilly. A hot chocolate and sit-by-the-fire-all-day kind of day (for Berkeley wusses like us, that is;-) ). Sealion had the day off, and literally the only time we left the fireside was to pee or refill on warm beverage.  This morning we had cooked-to-order eggs:  Papi - over easy, Jali and I - scrambled.  And Papi's Famous Hash Browns - sweet potatoes and something like Yukon Golds, in the cast iron with bacon grease, of course.

Long naps were taken. The knitting project started.

The day warranted soup ~ as so many do, in my opinion.  I roasted two small delicata squash, a large turnip (my new favorite vegetable!), and a head of garlic with olive oil. I sauteed a large onion and some slices of celeriac, used a quart of our Christmas goose bone broth, a small potato, sea salt and pepper. Sliced the turnip, cut the delicata into big hunks that included the skin, and squeezed the garlic in.  I sliced up two of those Prather Ranch bockworst and fried them so they became tasty little crispy niblets like you showed me.
Oh, Austin. You really missed a fantastic meal. It was phenomenal! That soup ~ incredible !  I spooned up some broth into a little cup for Anjali.  After a sip she took the cup across the room, I think she thought she had happened on the good stuff by accident and didn't want us to take it away once we found out!  She drank it down and asked for helping after helping more!
You know we ate next to the fire!  Set up your little brass-topped table as close to the hearth as we could get it.
So good.

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