Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 21-23

Have I written in a few days??  I had an adventurous trip to the Farmers' Market on Thursday:  it was cooooold and drizzling.  A TERRIBLE day to go to the market.  But our cupboards were bare, and Eduardo (of Morell's Bread) actually wrote a little email to his regular customers guilting us into coming out:  "the market's open rain or shine, warm or cold... come support the market ~ one of the aspects of living in this area that makes it so cool."  Well, ok!  So Papi and Anjali stayed cozy by the fire, and I had a thrilling jaunt down the street.  There were fewer than 10 vendors ~ a skeleton crew ~ and it was so bitter-ass miserable out there, I really felt obligated to buy from each one!  I skipped the yogurt and Riverdog.  Bought eggs, bacon and bratwurst from Highland Hills because the girl said the brats were her favorite, and that the seasoning on the bacon was just right this batch.  Happy Boy:  huge bag of braising mix ~ which they call "stir fry mix", and carrots.  Oranges ~ delicious oranges!.  bread from Eduardo, just cuz.  And darn!  I had to buy a croissant to support the poor vendor who was crouching inside the back of his topper-truck with rain blowing in on his pretzels.  Poor thing!  I just toasted the croissant and pulled it apart bite by bite and let it melt on my tongue and it was so worth the white flour splurge!
Yesterday I played around with the Moosewood Cookbook recipe to try to mimic the veggie pancakes at Venus.  I used the carrots I got from Happy Boy.  They were tasty for the first try, but they need some tweaking ~ spice, for one thing.  And actually more veggie.  The recipe called for 4 cups of grated veg to 4 eggs, 1/3 cup flour, and 1 cup cheese.  I thought that they would fall apart and taste just like veg.  But as it happened, the carrots cooked down surprisingly a lot, and they were more like pancakes with carrots as an ingredient, rather than having the carrot be the star of the show.  Good though.   For dinner I made a simple miso soup using our Christmas goose broth (only one jar left!), sliced turnips and garlic, grated ginger, and matchsticks of celeriac, plus a couple pork-ginger-scallion Three Stone Hearth patties that I cut up into little cubes.  Then egg-plopped it (poached eggs in the simmering soup), and added brown rice miso to each bowl.  It was nice and warming ~ it rained all day again yesterday.
Today the sun has shown most of the day, with a few small showers, and actually one nice one that came down pretty hard while the sun was still shining bright and hot.  I bet there was a rainbow somewhere!  :-)
Farmers' Market today, again by myself ~ more of those good oranges (I think the persimmon season is done for me.  I ate 3-4 persimmons last Saturday and made my tummy sick.  The next day when I sliced one open it did not look appetizing.  I don't want to burn out on them!  I want to enjoy them again next winter! I passed by the pudding-soft persimmon vendor guy today..  I hoped he didn't notice..).  More dates!  ~ Sealion has been getting all munchy on them, and Anjali and I have come to depend on them!  the little delicious ones were on sale.  :-)  Perhaps Papi won't hear that I got more....  ; )  Sweet potatoes, apples, and broccoli and another heaping bag of greens from Happy Boy.  I am getting to where I feel like I need them at least once a day.  They do my body good!  I was noticing today:  I think I often buy things like apples or potatoes in threes....So today I purposefully bought only two sweet potatoes..

Well, the babe awakes.
Keep loving it, Austin!  Keep breathing in deep.

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