Friday, January 29, 2010

January 25 ~ Almond Buttered Up

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Dear Austin: 
Well. All I've got to say is that making almond butter was a terribly baaaad idea! Anjali and I ate so much of it before it was even out of the food processor that I think we both got sick! I don't even wanna smell a hint of almond.... Until tomorrow! It's a good thing almonds are so expensive or I might turn into an almond butter girl too wide to fit out the door in no time!
 almond butter face
I had to roast the almonds in the oven because the toaster oven is officially kaput. And they turned out a little roastyer than usual. So delicious I considered not making them into butter, but the Cuisinart was already out (I tell you, that thing is just inviting to use.  I could see using it daily just because it feels so good.  Solid.).  Coconut oil - about that much. Seasalt. No honey.
Addicting.  We are only allowed to make it once when you get back just so you know how good it is.   It is bad news, I tell you!
Raining cats and dogs out there as I type.
I think there is another plus to using so much lard during the winter other than deliciousness - the vitamin D! I haven't gotten the least bit melancholy this season (except when I said goodbye to you on Skype yesterday! My stomach felt quite the pang..!). Praise the lard! In Sally Fallon's power point presentation she has an old school poster from the 50's that shows a happy, laughing family (50's style) and says "they're happy because they eat lard!" true stuff!
Roasted chicken, rice with loads of butter, and broccoli await me at the table.  Had to put little peapod to bed early ~ so sleepy!

I love you!

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