Friday, January 15, 2010

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Dear Austin ~ I hope you don't mind:  I'm using writing you while you are traveling as a way to get on my food blog more often.  When we lived with B & A, we kept a calendar magneted to the fridge and would fill in day by day the meals we created.  It was fun!  For a long while I have wanted to do that on here  ~ to see how we eat as the seasons change, things we cook often and things we should cook more often, to monitor just exactly how much we cook at home (and how much we don't) etc., but just haven't done it.  I think this may be a way.  And a fun way.

January 14, 2010
last night Papi worked an evening shift, so Anjali and i ate by ourselves.
i heated up a pint of spaghetti sauce from the freezer that i had made a while back.  lots of ground beef, lots of sauteed onion, and an undertone of roasted acorn squash.  when i made it originally, i expected the squash to be more of an outspoken flavor, but it simply adds a warm sweetness and thickness.  and we had tinkyada brown rice pasta shells, with plenty of olive oil and butter.  we ate sitting on the floor at the leather coffee table.  anjali went through using every utensil available before settling on her hands to feed me pasta shell after pasta shell.  she gave that corner of the table a much-needed spa treatment with her butter and olive oil handprints.
that one long Indian Raag Kirwani that you never can bear to sit through came on the stereo and i giggled to myself as i listened to it all the way through.  ;-)
i employed your method and your french press to steep my nettle infusion overnight.  thank you!  :-)
the full press of dark dark tea sitting on the counter reminds me of you.

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