Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 17

Hi Austin!!
We had one of those hilariously stupid arguments today that wouldn't have dragged on nearly as long had you been here. Hungry Tiffie strikes again! :-P
We had the best bacon(!), and eggs-n-greens for breakfast. Yum to the yum-yum!
Arlene was passing thru at dinnertime, so she ate with us: Sealion grilled goat burgers with goat cheese on top (goat goat goat!) and arugula, and I roasted gold beets with olive oil, and more arugula as a salad with walnuts. The goat (goat goat!) was delicious. We all agreed that we would not have guessed the meat. Flavorful, but not even as gamey as lamb can be sometimes, and I love lamb. Delicious!
Another gray drizzly day. You are not missing anything around here so far!
Keep having fun!

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