Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 16

What We Ate (while you were gone)
Hi Austin!
Today we were going to ride bikes down to Tacubaya but guess what??! I couldn't find that set of keys! so... We went to our good ol' standby, Saul's.
Sealion - corned beef reuben, and cream of tomato soup. Jali And I - cream of tomato soup and scrambled eggs. A side of potatoes that were so cold I should have sent them back; as it is I brought em home and will just have to reheat them in bacon grease till they taste good. And more salt.
Went to the Saturday farmers' market late enough to get some deals! Apples for Papi and for Anjali, crisp persimmons for Mommy, a big ol bag of braising mix from County Line farm, because theirs didn't have that silly filler stuff in there - all baby kales and collards, and beets just cuz they looked good. They also hooked us up with a load of  greens for the chickens.  I got two of the pudding-soft persimmons - one for you and one for me, and ate both of them right then and there, no excuses. Well, I did give some to Anjali. I'm not sure any made it into her mouth because she had it aaalll over her face to make quite a grand impression on everyone in the play area. She made some buddies anyway. They played parachutes with plastic grocery bags and didn't even mind that she joined in and took one. She had fuuun.!

For dinner I roasted a small butternut squash and thawed some of the leftover smoked pulled pork. Lard and butter. Sauteed onion and celeriac, lots of minced garlic, spices- cinnamon, smoked paprika, powdered ginger, chili flakes and cayenne, then chopped up three dates and tossed them in.  I meant for it to be kind of like an exotic barbecue... I think the pork had a little freezer burn bc it was dry and sucked up the fat. we just spooned butter into our bowls and ate it like ketchup or something.  If I had had broth thawed, I would have added some. That would have made it. The taste, however, was great. And anytime you can eat butter by the blob, it's worth it.

Love you sweetie!

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