Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 12

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Dear Austin--

We have been enjoying some hearty winter fare lately.  We can't eat enough roasted squash! Butternut mainly, but the other night I think we had the best roasted acorn squash I've ever eaten.  Speaking of roasted, youll love the new toaster oven! It is posh.  We are adding some variety into our breakfasts - yesterday morning I made a miso soup (with lots of add-ins, so you'd like it - greens of course, carrots onions and garlic) and we poached some eggs in it.  A nice break from delectable melt in your mouth bacon and gorgeous yellow scrambled eggs with greens! Ha ha!
I also made another variety of "pancake" - this time with grated apples. The recipe (another from moosewood) called for cottage cheese, but I used yogurt and tried to make do, but I honestly think next time I'll get cottage cheese; they were a little fragile... With the lovely egg whites shown below(whisked by hand!!), yolks, a liiittle bit of sprouted spelt flour, cinnamon and a couple tsps of sucanat sugar, they were delicious. And made excellent cold snacks.
I've been feeling the need for huge mugs of (unsweetened) hot cocoa lately - that's my way of babying myself at home.  It helps.  
: ) 
Tonight I bought Julie and Julia and snuggled up by myself and watched it.  That helps too.  ; )

Perfect egg whites!!

I love you, dear friend!

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