Thursday, February 04, 2010

February 4

What We Ate (while you were gone)
Had my required weekly date with my artist self tonight- went to Cafe Gratitude ( if you're not looking to get full, they have some nice teas, salads, etc. And I personally like the atmosphere.  It might be cheesy but so am I.) where I had a huge bowl of tea, a tasty salad and a cacao almond butter ball with cayenne (i love those!).  And I took my paper, pencils and markers and drew and colored a picture the whole time. Got totally absorbed the way a kid does and just went with it.  It was nice.  :-) very .... Soothing . 

Tonight for dinner:  the last of the goose broth. !  Roasted butternut squash pureed with sauteed onions in the broth, butter and coconut oil, Indian spices again (we wanted a replay of the soup I made for the baby mama!), then chunks of roasted beet, and beet greens.  No coconut milk which is what really made the other so creamy but oh well.  I think it's still stellar (because of the broth. ;-). Feels good to be humming away in the kitchen with a fire in the hearth as more wind and rain rage outside.

Soak up that sun - ozone hole or no.  Bring it back as kisses on your smiling cheeks.

Lying beside the sleepy-suckling babe as the simmering soup awaits my tongue and tummy downstairs.


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