Tuesday, February 02, 2010

January 30 - February 2

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Farmers' Market Saturday:

We remembered to bring our own containers and utensils and got two orders of curry chicken at the Thai booth (yummy!!). Ate them and spectated as Jali played in the play area. She would graze by occasionally for a chunk of kabocha squash or spoonful of brown rice before she was off to socialize again. I think she could spend all day on the swing, only slowing down for booby-pitstops.
Butternut squash and stir fry greens from Happy Boy,
Baby mustard greens and dandelion greens from County Line - I'm really liking their greens best these days. I wanna remember to go there first next time. Apples for Sealion, tangerines for Anjali, onion and garlic. ( was that all??)
With the butternut I made the soup for new mom Tatiana, we ate mustard greens on the burgers last night, sauteed stir fry greens to go with our eggs this morning. Yum. A big mess of them done up right.  And the bacon that I bought from Highland Hills a week or so ago - I cooked it nice and slow and it looked like it would be chewy with a lot of meat, but bite into it and it breaks off meltingly like I love. I gave it a thumbs up; Sealion is hooked on Niman Ranch bacon.
Tonight with me and the pup : leftover burger from last night and leftover potatoes from yesterday Venus breakfast.
This afternoon for our backyard time I took snacks of raw Gruyere ( my favorite right now!) and cold baked sweet potato. We sat on the bench out in the yard, munched our snack, and watched and listened to a little gang of tiny birds (including one hummingbird) flutter (and buzz) into the yard to browse our trees. Anjali was able to connect the noise I make for her lavender toy bird with these real live creatures in the open air. It felt good.   

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