Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February 3

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Dear Austin,

It was a "what can we make with what's on hand" kinda night tonight.
My favorite. I chopped a large onion, sliced and cut into quarter
pieces a turnip, and chopped small a HuGe bag of mixed greens -
several different colors of chard, different kales, bok choy,
collards. We had a large, grilled burger patty leftover from the
other night. And three eggs from the lovely backyard ladies. Sauteed
the onion till soft in butter with some bacon grease to flavor.
Tossed in the turnip, then piled and folded in the greens. So many
that I had to do it in stages. Covered and let them steam and cook
till perfect, stirring thoroughly. Seasalt, red pepper flakes and
ground black pepper. Then chopped up the burger into little pieces
and mixed it in. Made three little holes in the greens and cracked
open an egg in each. Covered and steam till the yolks were barely firm.
Scooped into bowls so that the egg stays atop a thick bed of veggies.
Ate by the fire.
Sooo good!!!

We miss you, Austin.

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