Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 22

What We Ate (while you were gone)

Hi, Austin!
Having Teresa here was such rejuvenation for me.  ! She left yesterday morning.  We had sooo much girly fun, food fun, and just old-friend fun. I love her.  I was inspired to make new recipes and create new dishes several times while she was here, and we ate out many times and had some killer food.  The last day we got into the city and spent the bulk of he afternoon in Dolores Park - the weather smiled on us so that we even had some sun. We found several yummy-looking restaurants in the Mission that we want to go back to! Yippee! 

A recap of good food: 
For Valentine's Day I made flourless almond waffles with decadent dark n spicy chocolate sauce, then for dinner - Valentine Soup- roasted b-nut squash and beets pureed in a soup with greens. One day I made butternut squash pancakes that were stellar and delectable.  That day we went to sonoma wine country and had a picnic at a vineyard. A gorgeous day! Friday night we had a progressive meal starting at Cesar for cocktails and appetizers- the highlight being the butternut-sage-stuffed cannelloni drenched in bechamel sauce!! Jesus!!! And an early dinner at Corso. We had a fresh mozzarella salad with The Most Delicious housemade mozzarella I've Ever Eaten!!! Cream was folded into it. I could've eaten the whole ball myself, but not much more because it was so rich.  We really did it up right.  Saturday we went to an authentic crepe place called Ti Couz in the Mission.  I'd love to take you there.  Then for dinner we ate at a place called Luna Park Cafe, where they served housemade corndogs (!) stuffed with three different sausages! It inspired me to try to perfect my own corndog concoction because I Loved corndogs when I was a kid! So get ready.  ;-)
For our last home breakfast I created what I called Teresa Breakfast Salad -  fried eggs atop a salad of bitter and spicy  greens, (cold) sliced roasted beets, and toasted walnuts with a tangy creme fraiche dressing.  Um... Yum!!!  A weeklong feast! And now I can begin counting the days till you return to our kitchen.  :-)
Cheers! Or as Anjali would say, "tziizz!"

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