Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Re: February 1

 Yesterday I experimented again with the veggie pancake idea. This time essentially making potato cakes with butternut squash. Um, yum! Shredded goatcheese that oozed like pizza goodness, cinnamon, and sesame seeds for a nice little crunch. Deelish! With our hen eggs and the color of the squash, they were a gorgeous turmeric color that actually colored the oil they were fried in. Pretty. 
With the bulk of the butternut I made a soup for our friends Tatiana and Seth, who just had a baby.  I flavored it with Indian spices- lots that are helpful for lactation like fenugreek and fennel seed, coconut milk (also good for mama's milk) and loads of butter (she's vegetarian so I left out the broth).  Kombu for nutrients.  It was such creamy dreamy goodness I had to pull myself away from the spatula as I poured it into a jar. Soooo good!
Tonight Sealion kicked ASS on burgers n fries! Lamb-bison patties that were killer! We put TSH mayo (do you not know about my *thing* for real homemade mayo?? I eat it by the spoonful...), mustard, and mustard greens on them. Then thick- cut potatoes and sweet potatoes fried in lard that were Perfect with a capital P! Soft n creamy on the inside, crisp on the outside. Oh. My god.

Sending lovin from the home kitchen.  

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